About Us

About Us


Learn more about Calgary Retina Consultants managing partners and physicians. With more than12 ophthalmologists, and four of whom are retina specialists, Calgary Retina Consultants is the largest ophthalmology practice in Alberta.


The Calgary Retina Fellowship program is an established busy two year comprehensive vitreoretinal experience.


The Calgary Retina Consultants Research Department has been involved in several multicenter studies sponsored by industry over the past 22 years.

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Check out the most up to date retinal news and information that Calgary Retina Consultants have to offer. We're sure there's something here that you didn't know about yet.

SAEC Diagnostics

Located inside the Southern Alberta Eye Center, Calgary Retina Consultants use some of the most sophisticated diagnostic technology available. Located on-site, SAEC Diagnostics provides physicians with the tools to accurately diagnose, monitor and manage retinal conditions.


With decades of experience and leadership within the ophthalmic community, Calgary Retina Consultants are considered among the most respected retinal specialists in Canada.